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Coffee junkie

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

I am tired, very tired. I'm sitting here at the breakfast table wishing I could crawl back into bed under my warm blanket. Yesterday was a long day. I still prepared emails until shortly before midnight. A cup of coffee would be nice and then another one later. I used to consume four to five cups every single day. My colleagues at the office called me a “coffee junkie” and I always collected the mugs on my desk. It kept me moving, gave me energy and was always a good excuse to take a break. What I discovered recently and similarly to coffee gives a lot of energy is ginger. It is particularly due to the pleasant sharpness of the roots, which keeps the circulation going. Ginger is considered very healthy. Among other things, it is said to have an antibacterial and antioxidant effect. But I can't get down ginger juice as such in the morning. However, when I mix ginger with fruit juice and possibly also add a little coffein to it, it gives me the kick for the whole morning and so my coffein consumption in total has gone down rapidly.

You also feel tired during the day and need a natural kick?

Here you find some special deal to try out a chi shot (100% vegan, no chemical additives). You can drink it directly out of the bottle or mix it with water. I prefer the version of pouring hot water over the chi shot drink and have it as a nice tea on cold days ("chitea"). And when I feel like celebrating I can totally recommend mixing the chi shot with some prosecco and make it a "chisecco". Enjoy!

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