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Beauty routine for your face

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The skin is your biggest organ and, whether your skin is healthy or not, can simply be seen by the naked eye. So how should you take care of your skin so it is healthy and looks good? Let´s talk about the beauty routine for your face. First of all, what is important to know is that your face needs a different treatment in the morning than in the evening.

Your morning routine

1. CLEANSING: The first thing to do in the morning is to cleanse your face. Cleansing frees the skin from impurities which have come to the surface while sleeping. The cleanser moisturizes your skin and prepares it for the next step. You use your fingers - avoid using a cotton pad - to apply the cleanser and massage your face before rinsing it off with water.

2. TONING: The second step involves the application of a tonic, whereby there are different products available depending on your skin type (dry, normal, oily). Some people deliberately leave this step out, but it is a very important one as a tonic doesn´t only remove any remaining oil, dirt and debris which the cleanser left behind. A tonic will also hydrate your skin and bring it into the right pH balance which is slightly acidic, the ideal for the skin barrier. In addition, it helps the skin prepare for the next step, as only if your skin is clarified it can absorb the care substances as necessary. With the toning, the whole cleansing process is finalised.

3. APPLYING A SERUM: Now your skin will long for some hydration. This is the time in which to apply a serum. Innovative, high-quality products allow a long-lasting hydration and for the substances to penetrate very deep into the skin.

4. CREAMING: The cream is now the foundation for further moisturizing and tinting. Here again, there are different creams available depending on the skin requirement (for dry, normal or oily skin).

5. MOISTURISING AND TINTING: To even out the skin tone, a tinted moisturiser is the ideal solution. Some products are available in different skin colors and others are available in one version for different skin colors as they adapt to the skin tone.

6. BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE: As an additional support, there are food supplements (“nutricosmetics”) available that contain natural substances to boost your beauty from the inside.

Your evening routine

1. CLEANSING: Again, cleansing is the first step to take in your evening routine. It removes dirt particles and make-up from your skin.

2. TONING: As a next step the tonic is used.

3. APPLYING A SERUM: Also, in the evening your skin is thirsty and will appreciate a serum to hydrate it. This is the last step as part of your evening routine.

The skincare routine for men

I know that many men don´t have the patience to use many products for their daily skincare routine, so here is a short version for men:

1. CLEANSING: Include facial cleansing in your shower ritual (the water shouldn´t be too hot.). The cleanser removes dirt particles thoroughly.

2. TONING: Use a tonic that fits to your skin type (dry, normal, oily). It will hydrate your skin.

3. MOISTURISING: There are moisturisers available that are specifically designed for the needs of male skin. They protect against environmental influences; impurities and reduce irritations. As a result, the skin appears to be smoother and fresher.

The skin type test

If you are unsure which skin type you are, please contact me at and with the help of some questions I will be able to tell you.

Ready to try it out?

For all skin types there are sample sizes available for cleanser, tonic, serum and cream for a special price when ordering for the first time (and you even receive a EUR 5 voucher you can use for your first purchase). When you have dry skin then please go here. When you have normal or mixed skin then please follow here. You have oily skin? Then please see this special offer for you.

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