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Cream deodorant

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Isn´t it wonderful when your hormones take flight when you become a teenager? Your skin rebels and often gives you some “exciting” challenges just shortly before you want to look your best for a party and see your friends. When dancing you perspire more; and should you not be wearing a high-quality deodorant, your environment will soon notice. Not so great.

I have long been using deodorant, my daily companion, and not always have I had a good experience with the products I bought. In the beginning, I used products that still allowed for perspiration (wetness). It smelled good though! Later on, I clogged my pores with a thick layer of creamy deodorant, so the skin had no chance to breathe. Still I felt 100% dry then. Later on, of course, I had experiences with products that stained on my clothes. It looked just awful and my clothes were ruined.

Only some years ago, aluminum in our deodorants have been focused upon as a potential health concern. Do you know why aluminum is being used in deodorants? And do you know the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

Although we use the expression “deodorant” as a generic term in our daily language, the purpose of a deodorant is to curb body odor, and antiperspirant to curb sweat, also known as perspiration. Deodorants use fragrances or antibacterial compounds to minimise odor. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that block your pores so you sweat less; and at the same time, they also prevent the bacteria that cause unpleasant odor.

During the second half of the last century, researchers discovered high levels of aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer patients. This led to the concern that products that are exposed to the human body such as food in cans or antiperspirants are the cause. This couldn´t be proven until today and there are more studies that state the opposite. But then there is the continued breast cancer research and the possibility that the aluminum enters the lymph nodes and in this way is transported to the breasts which was another health concern. Our skin performs as a barrier to your bloodstream and internal systems so that substances such as aluminum doesn´t get through. So, also here, there is no conclusive evidence that aluminum causes breast cancer. More information on research conducted on antiperspirant safety is available here.

Sweating is a normal body function and helps to get rid of toxins (in a fairly negligible amount, most of the toxins are filtered via your liver and kidneys) and also regulates the body temperature. I remember when visiting Abu Dhabi some years ago that we had been advised to drink a lot of hot tea, although the temperatures were very high. Because of drinking hot tea, we even sweat more than usual and, in turn, this made our bodies cool off a bit.

So, from today´s point-of-view, there is no health risk when using antiperspirants containing aluminum. However, I have the freedom to choose. Therefore, I prefer using lab tested and certified high-quality products that are good or even better for my health, are safe and contain 100% natural ingredients.

Like all cosmetic products, also deodorants don´t work the same for all, so it is a bit of a trial and error exercise. What I found that works best for me is a cream deodorant which is super soft on my skin and gives me this touch of luxury as if I applied a semi-rich cream. For me, it is important that the deodorant has a nice and descreet scent. I don´t want to sweat too much; and, of course, I want to avoid having stains on my clothing. With most natural cosmetics, and having used a lot of chemicals in former products, my skin had to get used to this natural composition of the deodorant with sweet orange water, refreshing lemon verbena hydrolate, nurturing shea butter, moisture-absorbing siliceous earth and walnut extract which actually made me sweat even more the first days. But then my skin adjusted completely and now I can say that I have finally found my favorite deodorant.

You would like to try it out?

Here you can find a sample size of the cream deodorant for a special price when ordering the first time. You even receive a EUR 5 voucher which you can use for your purchase.

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