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The 15 signs to make you get off track from your body transformation

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

As many people before, I have been trying out a large number of diets, but without sustainable results. I often became irritated, because I wasn’t allowed to eat enough or I missed sweetness in the meals I consumed. My blood sugar level was uneven. I felt unsatisfied with everything I did. Of course, my fulltime job “plus” and my two little ones didn´t add to a gain of energy either, neither did the food I ate. It only made me tired and sleepy. I think the word “diet” implies already the scarcity of food, something that doesn´t work for me, because I just love food and eating.

Now what are the 15 main causes of weight-loss failure? I mentioned already no.1 lack of energy and no.2 blood sugar imbalance and of course no.3 stress. This being three (3) out of 15, so what are the other reasons why it is so difficult to keep on track?

I am sure you have heard that before: “You should drink when you feel hungry.” Feeling hungry often just means that you are thirsty. No.4 is dehydration which has a negative impact on weight-loss results. And what happens if no.5, your hypothalamus doesn´t receive the signal that you aren´t hungry anymore and makes you go for a second and maybe even third food portion?

Day 1 of my body transformation

Also a sound sleep gives your body and mind rest and energy for the next day. So how can you lose weight if you suffer from no.6, poor sleep quality? From a stressful workday, a busy day with your kids, and all kinds of thoughts going through your mind that prevent you from sleeping. How shall you manage to fall asleep peacefully?

Yes, and of course no. 7, your metabolism also plays an important role. Metabolism has three main purposes: 1. The conversion of food to energy, 2. The conversion of food or fuel to protein building blocks, and a number of carbohydrates and more. 3. The elimination of metabolic wastes. And now imagine, only one of the three above purposes works much slower or not efficiently. How shall you be able to lose weight?

So many friends and people around me, often complain about a slow digestion up to 48 hours. So a healthy digestion and nutrition absorption are no. 8 on the list.

How sad it is to hear that fruits and vegetables cannot provide the high levels of vitamins nowadays as they often grow in soil which has been cultivated with intensive agricultural methods that decrease the nutrients from the soil. This trend results in no.9, our nutrient deficiency and the need to additionally add vital nutrients which are essential for the overall health.

Something you also don´t need when you want to lose weight sustainably is no. 10, an imbalanced microbiome. The microbiome is composed of a collection of microorganisms that inhabit the alimentary canal. When both good and pathogenic bacteria are in balance, then your microbiome functions best. An imbalanced microbiome may lead to pain and mood swings.

I am sure you already know that Omega-3 fatty acids decrease inflammation and oxidative stress and that they are being extracted for example from fish oil. A healthy inflammatory response, my no. 11, during exercise and activity is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

One month later

We all have been exposed from day one to no.12, a number of pathogens which are bacteria and viruses, and also toxins. You also find them in foods. Food safety enables the control of pathogens and toxic agents at all stages of the food supply chain. Still, there are many lacks in quality control. Just think of the open salad bar in a restaurant, ready and packed salad greens or the famous nut bowl in a bar. This can heavily impact your immune system.

Point no.13 might put a smile on your face: lack of knowledge. You have read so many articles and discussed nutrition topics with your friends and still you haven´t lost weight in a healthy way. If only someone would tell you what would work best for you and how you can achieve this in an easy way and that you would also stick to this in the long term. Don´t worry, I have been there too.

Yes, and no.14 is very obvious to everyone: lack of activity. Doing sports, walking the dog or at least moving your body somehow every day (no matter how) helps. Fast movements or slow movements, it doesn´t matter. Get off the sofa, put the music on and just move.

And here comes no.15, the final sign that you can get off track from your sustainable body transformation which is lack of support. With this, I don´t mean the lack of support from your family and friends, which is also important, but support from coaches who have gone through this transformation themselves. Imagine you get the motivational kick and applause from a group of people who have gone through the same and are now leading a happy and healthy life.

Ready to change your life for the better?

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Two months later and becoming

Note: The author has no medical education background but summarises the knowledge gained in the course of years through studying books, exchanging knowhow and personal experience.

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