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The harmful effects of sunscreen for our water and our health

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Sunscreens have been making headlines due to their contribution to coral bleaching and ocean acidification. Coral bleaching is the phenomenon whereby coral loses its color and rejects symbiotic organisms, essentially killing the coral. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion winds up in coral reef areas each year, much of which contains oxybenzone.

Have you thought of what impact it has on your skin and have you noticed the film on the surface of the water that was surrounding you when you went swimming?

Please make the right choice next time and try to avoid the following ingredients in your sunscreen :

  1. Oxybenzone: used in over 3,500 different sunscreens worldwide

  2. Octinoxate: which lasts longer on the body than oxybenzone, but is used less frequently by manufacturers because it’s known to be even more dangerous to the ocean

  3. Octocrylene

  4. 4-mehtylbenzylidene: which is banned in the U.S., but not in Canada and parts of Europe

  5. Butyparaben

Environmentally-friendly alternatives and the difference between a mineral and a chemical sun filter

Check out a 100% vegan natural alternative for your skin and our nature here. Products are available for your face and your body and offer a mineral filter which remains only on the surface of your skin in comparison to the chemical sun filter, which leads to a hormonal change of your skin to prepare for the sun impact.

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